12 Free Content Writing Tools For New Bloggers

Content writing and creating is a booming industry. This post is intended to help new bloggers. There are quite a few tools in the market to facilitate creative writing. In this post, I had picked 12 best content writing tools that will help new bloggers in researching, writing and editing purposes. Most of these are free. Some tools have paid versions but they also have free trials that you can try out.

1. Google Trends

Image of "Google Trends" application

Google trends is a free tool provided by Google to analyze and research the trending keywords. It gives up to date insight about the trending stories worldwide. It’s great for researching topic and finding information for free. It’s one of the top-rated content research tools used worldwide. With it, you can easily compare the popularity of different keywords over periods of time. You can also check queries that are popular and related to your keyword.

2. Ubbersuggest

Image of "Ubbersuggest" application

Ubbersuggest is an amazing free keyword research tool created by influencer Neil Patel . According to me, it is the only keyword research tool a beginner blogger needs. There are a few great keyword research tools from semrush , moz  , ahrefs . But most of these are extremely costly for beginner bloggers. Ubbersuggest is the best option for them. The tool is free but doesn’t mean it’s any less in quality. It can serve the purpose of most bloggers.

Top features of Ubbersuggest include

  • Domain Overview
  • Top Seo Pages
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Content Ideas 
  • Backlink Data 

3. Keyword Tool

Image of "Keyword Tool" application

We all are familiar with google’s autocomplete feature. When we search for something on google, google autocompletes the sentence and provide some suggestions. Keyword Tool extracts all these top related searches and provides those keywords to us. It gives keywords not only for Google but also for other popular search platforms like  Youtube, Amazon, Bing, etc. It’s free version is a bit restricted as it doesn’t show search volume , trend , cpc but you can fill these up with Ubersuggest, Google keyword planner to get complete solution.

4.Evernote & OneNote

A note-taking app is essential for any content writer. Evernote and OneNote are the best options to serve this purpose. While OneNote is completely free, Evernote works on the freemium model. But it’s free version is enough for most writers. On both platforms, you can create an unlimited amount of notes and notebooks. Using these you can write articles with images, create research notes, checklist and store all your ideas. It will sync all your notes and these will be shareable from any device. Both of these application has web clipper as chrome extensions which helps you to save articles and blog post from the web.

5. Coffitivity

Image of "Coffitivity" application

Research study shows that a moderate amount of ambient noise helps one’s creativity, hence you write better . You don’t have to go to a cafe to write, Coffitivity provides the environment for you. It changes your environment completely by its artificial but near realistic background noises. It is tricking your brain to be active and work better. It will give your thinking sweet leverage. It removes laziness and keeps your brain active. It is an app you should definitely try out.

6. Word2cleanhtml

Image of "Word2cleanhtml" application

Most of the writers face issues while copying items from writing tools to cms. It’s not uncommon and I face issues with formatting, alignment regularly. It’s very frustrating to reformat and realign the post again and again. Word2cleanhtml helps in this regard. Simply copy and paste the article within this tool and click ‘Convert to clean HTML’ . It removes unwanted coding and spaces to make it clean Html. Then you need to copy the content and paste into the HTML editor in your cms. This will eliminate all formatting issues.

7. Coschedule Headline Analyzer

Image of "Coschedule Headline Analyzer" application

Coschedule headline analyzer is one of the most used free tools online. It analyses headlines and scores according to their ability to rank in social media and search engines.  you can review your headline and make changes according to its results. It analyzes your headline based on 4 different types of words which are common, uncommon, emotional and powerful.  Usually, a score of 70 and above indicates that your headline is good enough. It is a must-have tool in the arsenal for content writers


Image of "Grammarly" application

Grammarly automatically detects errors when you write.  Moreover, it gives a suggestion about how to fix these errors. it has web and desktop app version along with browser extension . Grammarly makes content writing for ms word and office must easier with its add ons. Just install it and you will see suggestions in your ms word.  Free version works fine but if you write a lot of articles go for premium version as it helps to solve advanced-level errors. The Premium version of Grammarly is also a very comprehensive plagiarism checker available online. I have to say among all the tools this one had the biggest impact on my writing.

9.Calmly Writer Online

Image of "Calmly Writer Online" application

Calmlywriter is a tool that provides a distraction-free writing experience. This tool works great with Grammarly.  Full-screen mode, focus and dark mode are some of its features. This app brings an immersive experience to your digital writing.

10. Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder

Image of  "Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder" chrome extention

This chrome extension is the best screenshot tool for bloggers. It allows you to take a screenshot is numerous ways.  you can capture the visible part, desktop or the entire webpage. It works flawlessly and it’s totally free. It can be also used for screen video recording. Simply the best screenshot app for the web I ever used . 

11. Copyright free images [ Pixbay , Pexel , Unsplash ]

Let’s see the easiest content image sourcing tools that save your time. We live in an era of visual culture all around. Images on websites are a must. But It is quite time-consuming to find an image that is royalty-free. Pixbay, Pexel and Unsplash are the best free image sourcing tools to save your time. Images from these sites can also be used even for commercial purposes also.

Other than these sites you can get free images from google search . To get free images from google go to 

settings -> advanced serch -> usage rights ->free to use or share 

12. Canva

image of "canva " web application

With canva it’s really easy to turn ideas into stunning designs. It’s a great tool to manage your design work. Bloggers can especially use it to create post thumbnails and infographics. Canva works on the freemium model. The paid version has many more features but I feel the free version is enough for bloggers.

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